> machines and equipment, tanks, pipeline parts and steel construction production

The company KAISRLÍK is engaged in custom single-part and short-run machinery production according to the workshop manufacturing documentation delivered by the customer, optionally according to the submitted project documentation delivered by the customer.

Our production capacities include traditional engineering production, welding works and a broad range of machining production. Our machine equipment includes different machines for traditional engineering production: metal plate centring machines, folding press machine and other press machines, plate shears, CNC oxyacetylene and plasma steel plate cutting machine, sawing machines, various welding machines; and a wide range of machine tools: boring machines, lathes, cutters, horizontal boring machines and machining centers; approximately one-half of all our machine tools is CNC controlled.

We process mainly materials from standard steels and stainless steels. We process also nonferrous metal materials and plastic materials in our machining production.

Our range of production is given by our customers' requirements from the very differing industrial branches. Our production includes, among other:

  1. Single-purpose machines, equipment, manipulators and their parts, which are used especially in engine and gear production and assembly in the automotive and shipbuilding industries;
  2. Reservoirs, tanks, silos, and pressurised tanks used in the feedstock, chemicals and food industries, and in surface finishing technologies;
  3. Parts of pipelines that are often used in equipments for raw material processing and in equipments for industrial processes air-filtration and air-conditioning;
  4. Special drawbars designed for the wood processing industry;
  5. Steel constructions used in many areas of technological equipment;

We deliver the production especially to German and in small extend also to Czech machinery companies, which realize either higher machinery equipment deliveries or more often complete machinery equipment deliveries to final customers, final users from all over the world. That means that 95% of the production is indirectly supplied to various destinations all over the world.

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